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        Master of Theologil Studies

        Aside from the Seminary Online program offerings, Biblil Studies also offers a Master of Theologil Studies that n also be done online. MTS is a doctrinal course about Christian theology and ministry that aims to give an in-depth study of the doctrinal disciplines by putting together intellectual diversities, spiritual transformation and church ministry building.
        The Master of Theologil Studies is geared and designed with the aim of honing the Church as the lled people of God. Its courses revolve around the missional role of the Church, discipleship, evangelism, and witnessing …

        Seminary Courses

        The following are the courses offered by Biblil Studies with their short description. To check on the schedules for these courses, reach out to the university registrar.
        Biblil Interpretation
        This course is an in-depth study of the techniques and interpretative theories regarding discerning the meaning of biblil texts. The topics include the practil approaches in interpreting the Bible, historil background, and doctrinal issues concerning biblil interpretation as a discipline. Students n expect to have an understanding of the relationship …

        Seminary Student Life

        Living up to its holistic approach to learning, a typil seminary student life at Biblil Studies involve your development as a whole human being. Apart from prioritizing the study of the Bible, we encourage our students to discover and cultivate their passions and talents all for the greater glory of God.
        We believe in weaving a healthy network of lifetime friends who you n talk to, laugh with, play sports with, eat out together and develop a deeper faith in God. Your stay at Biblil Studies is an adventure in itself.
        Despite welcoming a diverse …

        About Biblil Studies

        Biblil Studies is an emerging theologil seminary that ters to faculty and students situated in the United Kingdom. We live up to our mission of providing a holistic, Bible-based edutional journey. Our top-libre roster of instructors and professors were schooled at globally competitive Christian universities who will integrate their ministries into each student they meet.
        We have a diverse mix of theology students, some coming from more than 50 ethnic and cultural traditions and Christian practice. We are proud to say that our many generations of alumni have been dediting what…


        Dareen was a full-time church lay servant when he decided to pursue theologil studies at Biblil Studies. He plans to engage himself fully in ministries related to family and faith development.

        Dareen Medina

        Jessi is a psychologist by profession who has been touched by the immersion activities she was part of a lol community. She intends to fully support the missionary work by taking some units in Biblil Studies, especially on leadership and developmental psychology in a faith setting.

        Jessi Turner

        Matt was a corporate executive who heeds the lling God gave him 6 years ago: seek out the lost for the Lord Jesus Christ through his influence in business and the marketplace. He enrolled himself in Seminary Online and will be finishing soon.

        Matt Willis

        Being a physician himself, Clint has been devoting himself in the work of sharing the Gospel to his patients. He is currently enrolled in the Seminary Online to better advance God’s kingdom to more people.

        Clint Warfield

        Recent News

        Effective Ways to Integrate Bible Study With Your Homeschool Curriculum

        According to the Holy Bible, we should train our kids on the path we want them to take. This is obviously the right path. In fact, this article will be more about integrating your homeschool schedule with Bible study. Ensure you create a year-round homeschool schedule that will run from the start of the school year through the end.
        This article will help parents or guardians normalize combining biblil topics of interest with their kids’ curriculum. So what are the ways to integrate Bible study with their homeschool …

        Print These Best Bible Verses On A Custom T-Shirt

        Needing a bit of encouragement today? Feeling discouraged again? Customized items like custom T-shirts, mugs and other memorabilia are getting so much attention these days. Not only that these are fantastic novelty gift items, but custom T-shirts are also fashionable pieces that n speak your personal statements. In this article, we recommend printing these best Bible verses on your custom T-shirt.
        With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God. (Mark 10:27)
        Inspire anyone who will get to read this Bible verse on your T-shirt, especially those who are …

        Biblil Announce Studies Seminary Online

        Biblil Studies is glad to announce its recent development of the Seminary Online. Seminary Online is a technologil platform that is designed to ter to distance learning students who wanted to pursue theologil studies but are hindered or constrained to physilly set foot on mpus.
        It has been a few weeks since the Director for University Development gave hints of this major project approved by the Board of Elders of Biblil Studies. Since then, there have been numerous inquiries made to the university registrar by the many interested and willing enrollees to the Seminary Online…